Real Customers

A family friend introduced me to Medistik ICE. I suffer from a compressed nerve at the back of my neck and often wake up with a very stiff neck. Unsuccessfully trying several other remedies Medistik ICE provided almost instant relief. 

Mary Doig
Toronto, Ontario

I truly cannot be without my Medistik products. I use the dual spray and the ice roll-on all the time. I take them everywhere with me. I TRULY LOVE MEDISTIK! Thanks for making my life a lot more comfortable.

Kim M, 

I’ve used and sold Medistik in my Clinic for over a year now. Not only do my patients love it but I love that it’s a Canadian product!

Dr. Josline Hampson, Chiropractic Edmonton

You really do have a great product. Our gymnasts have tried several different brands and find that your Medistik spray works best.

Lianne Wong, London

Today’s approach to healing emphasizes early activity. Medistik™ is a good tool to control pain and allow early controlled activity without the side effects frequently associated with other forms of pain-relieving medications. Medistik™ has helped many of my patients get through acute and chronic stages by relieving pain thus making it easier for them to participate in their treatment.

Hana Veprikova, MPTRehabilitation Department DirectorToronto

I have been suffering from arthritic pain in my hands for a long time. I tried so many different products that I was very skeptical of trying Medistik™. However I was very impressed how quickly it relieved my pain. It even allowed me to fall asleep!

Elaine Peterson, with arthritisToronto

First of all let me say that I LOVE your product. I am a professional firefighter and play hockey 4-5 times per week. I ended up with severe tennis elbow from a combination of (too) much hockey and the physical demands of my job. I couldn’t lift a coffee cup. I was doing physio at the time and was slowly getting better. Once I began using Medistik my recovery drastically sped up. Amazing!! I can’t thank you enough.

Tim Ruddy, Firefighter Ottawa

I have been in practice since 1990 and have never found a topical analgesic as strong and effective as Medistik™. My patients tell me one application lasts for hours and it is easy to use without the mess associated with gels and creams.

Dr. Arnie Deltoff, DCWelcome Back Spinal Care CentreToronto

In my position, I play tough and get banged up pretty hard. I used Medistik™ before games to warm up, keep loose and stay fluid. After every practice and game I used it to get rid of pain and to recover faster from injuries. I‘ve tried many other products but nothing even comes close to how effective and convenient Medistik™ is. I really like it because it really works.

Michael Fletcher, former Linebacker #2 Toronto Argonauts Football Team

Thank you for the remedial sample you sent me. As a matter of coincidence I had a sort of muscular problem on one of my arms. I applied the cream from one of the small sticks and I am relieved. It works. It is a good remedy. It gave me a quick and smooth relief. Warmest regards.

Legesse Gebeyehou, Dip.IM, Chartered ManagerToronto

I tried Medistik on my back with great relief. I could not believe how much it helped alleviate the pain. I purchased two sticks and showed it to my son…he began using it… I also showed it to one of my husband’s employees…and a few days later he called for more sticks. I purchased a case and am down to one stick. If you were to ask anyone in my family (we have a big family) about Medistik and if it helps, they would tell you it is the best thing they have ever tried. We call it a miracle drug…
Thank you Medistik……….. You are the best!!!!!!!!!

Linda Samson

As an elite marathon runner I run 90 to 100 miles per week. It is very hard on my leg muscles and I get sore and tight calves and hamstrings. I use MedistikTM to alleviate my sore muscles and to reduce inflammation. I also like that it is a rub on stick and I don’t get it on my hands, which I didn’t like from other products I have tried. I believe MedistikTM helps me train at a higher level by enhancing muscle recovery.

Charles Bedley, Marathon Runner, Fastest in Canada 2007, Winner Toronto 2007 and Canadian Championship 2007

I have found that MedistikTM has helped my patients feel less pain and reduce inflammation very quickly while enabling me to correct the root cause of their symptoms more effectively. This has resulted in a win-win situation for both doctor and patients: quicker reduction in discomfort and inflammation while allowing for easier adjustments and root corrections and guided maintenance of overall well being.

Dr. Sam Abruzzino, Chiropractor

We started to use Medistik a few weeks ago and our patients love the immediate cooling sensation and pain relief. They were very responsive in purchasing Medistik for home use and were very happy with the analgesic effects as well as the convenience of the stick-on application. I highly recommend Medistik for its clinical effectiveness and easy application.

Dr. Ivano Costa, DCAdvanced Health Recovery Markham

As a professional trainer I strongly recommend MedistikTM to any active individual and to those with increased muscular stiffness. I find that MedistikTM not only increases feelings of a heat around applied area, it also helps to lessen post activity fatigue and alleviates feeling of muscular and connective tissue tightness. MedistikTM is very easy to apply without leaving residue on hands or clothes and has an absence of a strong smell. Its convenient packaging makes it very easy to travel with.

Andrea Ulrych, Personal Trainer

I trust MedistikTM to provide my patients with fast acting pain relief. No other over-the-counter analgesics I’ve used compare to the convenience and effectiveness of MedistikTM. What’s most impressive is how long the effect of MedistikTM lasts. Unlike other analgesics which wear-off in minutes, patients feel the soothing effect of MedistikTM for well over an hour! Compared to traditional allopathic anti-inflammatories, this product is second to none. It’s fast, long lasting, safe – and it works!

Nick Kousouris, Chiropractor, Burlington